Quality Policy

Our main goal is to serve customers with quality. We are certified by ISO 9001 quality system certification

The MNID Management defines and approves the Policy, which is disseminated to all interested parties through its posting, placement on the website and information and clarification actions and is reviewed whenever it proves appropriate.

Our main activity is the design, development and manufacture of components for industrial machinery and equipment, as well as the provision of machining services.

We aim to be seen as a reference company and always be one step ahead of our competitors, in this regard we aim to ensure the delivery of our products and services efficiently, and in the best possible time.

We are constantly improving our know-how, thus improving production processes and reducing associated costs, by providing competitive prices.

We see Quality as a critical success factor and as such is assumed internally by all being always the object of continuous improvement.

We assume as main objectives:

  • Inform all employees of the company so that they are fully aware of their duties and this Policy
  • Adequately manage human resources by keeping employees motivated, participative, highly qualified and trained to guarantee the quality of services provided.
  • Improve the image of reliability.
  • Meet the required requirements and provide a better service and product with a documented method to consider and quantify the degree of satisfaction of all stakeholders.

We commit ourselves to comply with all legal, regulatory, statutory and normative requirements including those of the NP EN ISO 9001 standard, to review the implementation of the system, to ensure proper maintenance and treatment of the information generated and to provide the organization with the necessary resources to comply with this Policy.

Vila Real, February 09, 2018